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December 31, 1999 Loaded the notes to a bible study presented by my good friend now serving as a missionary in Ireland. The study is called How do we come to God?

September 6, 1999 Loaded the Notes to my first sermon, titled The Beauty of Jesus, found at Palace Beautiful.

August 29, 1999 Added the second installment in our study of Foundational Doctrines. We have not exhausted the doctrine of God but I do feel there is a good sum of notes on His Ominscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence and the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

August 29, 1999 Added a Mother-Daughter banquet devotional on the subject of OUR TESTIMONY verses TESTIFYING of CHRIST. This also by the wife of the gentlemen listed below who is now in Ireland. When asked on a radio interview: What do you think about going to Ireland, her reply challengingly was: "I want to be with my husband serving beside him wherever God will have him."

August 29,1999 Added a sermon on the Unrighteousness of Man and the Righteousness of God. This can be found at Palace Beautiful. By my good friend now as of August 16, a missionary in Ireland.

May 8, 1999. Added the study a SAFE and HAPPY DEATH. This is posted at Gaius's House and Palace Beautiful.

May 4, 1999. Added a link to a series of lectures by Alexander Whyte on Bunyan Characters, published in 1893.

May 2, 1999. Added a bible study on Family Stress to the "Fighting Apollyon" page. This addresses both the psychologizing of the church as well as practical advice which will bring comfort and hope to the true believer.

May 1, 1999. Added a personal letter asserting the truth of the doctrine of Endless Punishment and refuting the false doctrine of annihilation.

May 1, 1999. Added a sermon on The Law and The Gospel by my good friend who will soon be a missionary to Ireland.

April 28, 1999. Added a study on Positive Mental Attitude.

April 28, 1999. Final update on the bible study, Preciousness of God's Word.

April 28, 1999. Added a few more links to the Fighting Apollyon page.

April 13, 1999: Added the first installment to the bible study called, The Preciousness of God's Word.

April 5, 1999: Added the text from Chapter 9, The Precious Things of God, The Preciousness of God's Word. This is linked from Gaius' House and Palace Beautiful.

March 30, 1999: New links were added on the Bunyan Resource Page.

March 30, 1999: Added the first page from Pilgrim's Progress as a incentive to others to read this same book.

March 29, 1999: New Page added, At the House of Gaius. This page will host the weekly bible study we are now beginning at our church. This will be a topical study of certain foundational doctrines essential to a right walk with Jesus Christ.

March 29, 1999: Introduction to Foundational Doctrines encouraging the necessity of such a study placed on the "At the House of Gaius" page.

March 29, 1999: Added Allegories by John Bunyan on the Law and the Gospel -- excerpts from the text of Pilgrim's Progress.

March 29, 1999: Added an Apollyon by Bunyan page containing the text from Pilgrim's Progress detailing the timeless batttle between Christian and Apollyon. "Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that Loved us." Rom 8:37

March 24, 1999: On the Palace Beautiful Page a bridal shower devotional was added. The Title of this wedding shower devotional is, Submission-The Biblical Mandate of the Christian Wife.

March 24, 1999: Added GuestWorld, Guest Book. Friend, please sign the guest book as it will certainly encourage me to continue to labor on this web page. Also, if you have a URL let me know what it is as you sign the guest book. I think this could be a great way to share information between brothers and sisters of like precious faith. The Guest book is located at the bottom of index.html, the home page.

March 23, 1999: In the works but not posted yet is a topical bible study I am currently working on called, Firming up the Foundations. It is my heartfelt belief that the foundational doctrines of our precious faith are hardly known by the visible church today. The doctrine of the Holy Sciptures, Of God, The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, The Trinity, The Attributes of God, of Man, His Creation and Fall, Depravity, of Salvation, The Atonement, Justification, Sanctification, What is Faith, Election, Imputation and Impartation. I don't know where to stop! It is written, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,"[Hos 4:6] Lack of knowledge of God, His Word, and His will for us is a destroying factor today. Many are led astray through false doctrine and false faith and false gospels. We cannot discern the truth from error without a solid rock foundation. Please follow along with me over the next few weeks as this study continues to develop. I expect to post something in this area by March 31,1999. If you have any comments on this please drop me a line. My email address is found at the bottom of the home page.


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